Our Vision

Sweet, Delicious and Memorable Moments

Our Mission

Through deep knowledge of the market, develop a diversified portfolio of delicious and surprising products based on our capacity for innovation.  Connect emotionally with the customer through the ALDOR brand and that of its products, which are always available and within everyone’s reach, in strategic countries, using our efficient performance skills throughout the value chain.  Create value for shareholders, customers, collaborators and suppliers, in a responsible and sustainable way.


Our Values


At Aldor we achieve great goals overcoming adversity with courage and a triumphant spirit.


At Aldor we put all the heart, all the soul and all the energy to make our dreams come true.


At Aldor we build relationships based on trust and respect, in a caring and genuine manner.


At Aldor we recognize the value of diversity, we build from it and encourage participation.


At Aldor we dare to surprise and connect the customer with innovative and challenging ideas.


At Aldor we act promptly to achieve the best result.

Our Competencies


Cooperative work

It is the ability to perceive a common goal, being able to understand and relate to others in a close and genuine way on a day-to-day basis, in order to achieve the goals of Aldor as a team.


It is the ability to orient oneself towards the achievement of objectives, mobilizing the necessary resources to achieve them on a timely fashion and with Quality (it goes from Power Point to action, from saying to doing)


It is the ability to work with strength, drive and personal commitment, to achieve outstanding results that contribute to the profitable and sustainable growth of Aldor.

Innovative thinking and creativity

It is the ability to challenge the value propositions of the company, from the customer’s perspective, with the aim of adding a positive surprise through innovative ideas

Flexible thinking

It is the ability to modify personal behavior when contingencies, new data or changes in the environment appear. Being able to change convictions and the way things are interpreted.

Our Principles

At Aldor we act with honesty, clarity and transparency, generating trust in our collaborators, clients, customers, suppliers and the community in general, always within the provisions of the law and the rules established in the places where we operate.


At Aldor we believe in mutual respect. We promote tolerance and proper treatment as the basis of relationships for team-building effects.